Evolution of

Egyptian Furniture..

Experts trace back the origins of furniture to the ancient Egyptians: the very first chair is said to have been invented by the ancient Egyptians. Around 6,000 BC, Ancient Egyptian civilization was organized predominantly around the Nile Valley with advanced housing capabilities. Ancient Egyptian furniture was renowned for being light, durable and easily transportable. Most of the furniture found is constructed out of wood and adorned with ivory, gold, silver and ebony, pointing to a sophistication in furniture design and construction. As time went on, each era left its imprint on the sector, leaving behind one of the most dynamic and diverse industries.




Old Kingdom

  • Benches, tables, beds, chairs & tables
  • Carpentry & gold sheaths encase furniture
  • Introduction of wooden box
  • High level of organization in living arrangements

New Kingdom

  • Emergence of luxurious furniture
  • greater woodworking
  • Highly prized pieces sent to rulers of neighboring countries

Ottoman Empire

  • Emergence of Arabesque style
  • Introduction of calligraphy - Greater strides in carpentry and embroidery
  • Stronger emphasis on patterns and tiling
  • Known for heavy metalwork

Modern Era

  • Diverse sector
  • Emergence of new materials
  • Simplified design
  • Simplified design

Middle Kingdom

  • Emergence of more sophisticated trends in paint, gilt & veneers as well as design motifs
  • Boxes customized to hold cosmetics, perfumes, oils & jewelry

Greco-Roman Era

  • Quality of furniture deteriorates
  • Traditional Egyptian deities mixed with Aegean patterns & Hellenistic traits
  • Art of woodturning flourished
  • Highly skilled work emanating from Faiyum region

European Intrusion

  • French Renaissance
  • Egyptian Revival Era
  • Empire furniture becomes increasingly popular in Europe & America
  • Beginning of neoclassical era in furniture design

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