Damietta The Furniture City

The Future

Is here..

Developing and enhancing the furniture industry through trainings, design, consulting expertise and enhancing the technical capabilities of the working forces.

Establishing the city of Damietta as an integrated and comprehensive city specialized in manufacturing furniture and all related and complementary crafts as well as small and medium industries.

Provide more (direct and indirect) employment opportunities for youth in all activities associated with the furniture industry complex.

Enhance marketing and promotion strategies as well as offering marketing series for small and medium-sized enterprises (local and international), through permanent exhibitions of products for the local market as well as locating export opportunities

Reduce the cost of production through the joint use of services and the presence of a center for suppliers of raw materials, which will serve to reduce the cost of raw materials, maintenance and operation.

Provide a network to act as a solid foundation necessary for the development of the furniture industry and ensure the safety and security of the workers as well as inhabitants of the city.

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