The Core



This first project in 2006 aimed to highlight the diversity of local manufacturers as they began their collaborations with local designers. The output was featured in Furnex 2006.


The Platform



“The Platform” was featured in FURNEX 2007. The design emphasis was taken to another level through projects with international designers like Christophe Pillet, who worked on several projects with local companies.


Karim Rashid Event



The year 2007 saw a high profile project with the internationally renowned designer Karim Rashid as he saw Egypt’s furniture industry “at a turning point”. He created a collection of products for five major manufacturers, which were featured in a special booth at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April of 2007.


Timeless Stories



The following year, “Timeless Stories” was in many ways a continuation of the work done in “the Core” and “the Platform”. It was the result of collaboration with Alchemy studio in Egypt and was featured at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April 2008


1st Design + Industry Workshop



In 2008, EFEC and CWWFI collaborated with Rhimal Design and the European institute of Design (IED) to organize the first International Design + Industry workshop in Cairo. The Workshop was led by a group of eight renowned international designers from Japan, USA, Europe and Egypt. They worked with a selected group of twenty young Egyptian designers together with twenty Egyptian furniture manufacturers to come up with innovative product lines.


Zaha Hadid



With the title "Design with an Eye on the Future", a seminar for the late international designer Zaha Hadid was conducted in Cairo May 2009.


Launch of Kyme



Kyme was the output of the first “Design + Industry Workshop. It is an Egyptian brand that was promoted during Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2009 with a 300sqm stand designed by Karim Mekhtigian. The exhibition featured 38 prototypes realised by Egyptian and international designers - Lita Albuquerque, Daniel Dendra, Harry & Camila, Karim Mekhtigian, Tarek Naga, Shinichiro Ogata and Frans Schrofer - who developed seven different approaches to Egyptian design highlighting different aspects of the country.


Design Management Course



Building on the Design+Industry workshop the design management courses tackled several design related modules. The modules were presented by experts from the IED and students were entitled to receive certificates from the IED upon completion of each module.


2nd Design + Industry Workshop



After the great success of the first Egyptian Design + Industry workshop; EFEC and CWWFI in collaboration with Rhimal Design and international experts from the Istituto Europeo di Design Centro Ricerche (CRIED) supported by the Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) organized a second workshop that started early in 2010. The products/prototypes coming out were exhibited during +20 Egypt design in Cairo, June 2010.


+20 Egypt Design



Coinciding with Furnex 2010, EFEC launched its new project +20 Egypt Design. It was an expositional urban design event in the historical atmosphere of El Muiz Street. The very best of Egypt's design talents along with the Egyptian manufacturers were on display generating a strong impact on the Egyptian business and culture scene. The interaction between designers, architects, manufacturers and international visitors helped to produce a multi-cultural concept that is the heart of furniture design.


Design + Industry Competition 1



All designers below the age of 35 were invited to participate with their product design ideas. They competed for the opportunity to have their ideas prototyped by reputable manufacturers and to be exhibited in the high profile Furnex fair 2012. Furthermore EFEC sponsored the presentation of 5 gold award winners to exhibit their prototypes in Milan's Salone Internazionale del Mobile in the SaloneSatellite section April 2013.


Design + Industry Competition 2



Following the success of the First Design + Industry Competition in 2012, it was important to maintain the momentum by launching the second round of the competition. The output was featured in "The Furniture Show" event organized at CityStars. And for the second time, EFEC sponsored the presentation of 5 winners to exhibit their prototypes the SaloneSatellite 2014.

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